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By “Presenting and Speaking,” we mean any kind of presentation someone might make. Delivering a sales pitch. Providing training to a group—big or small. Making a high-profile speech or keynote address.

We have three offerings: a 1 hour consult, a 3-session targeted solution package, and  custom solutions for longer engagements.

1-hour consultation

These short sessions are designed to give you focused guidance about a specific issue. For example, we can concentrate on reaching specific goals, engaging your audience, tuning-up an existing presentation, or practicing a new speech to get feedback. The price is $500.

3-Session Targeted Solution

The 3-Session Targeted Solution develops specific presenting and speaking skills tailored to your individual needs.

Session 1
Diagnostic intake session

For example, we might restructure one of your classes or webinars to fully engage your audience, refine a pitch, improve your presenting and speaking skills, or develop a new online presentation.

Session 2
Review progress and action items. We’ll make further adjustments and develop a second set of action items. If one of your goals is tied to performance skills, you’ll give a presentation during the second session and we’ll review it for feedback.

Session 3

Final review of progress on goals. We’ll also make sure you have developed or acquired the resources you need to continue developing your skills.

Custom Solutions

Sometimes, your stuff doesn’t fit into somebody else’s box. We can work with that!

The Custom Solutions package develops specific presenting and speaking skills tailored to your needs. Some examples of custom solutions includes:

  • Custom Classes: Creating content that flexes to meet the needs of different skill levels and customizing content to go beyond meeting basic tasks is critical. We develop this kind of content based on clients’ workflow in a typical day and teach trainers how to deliver it dynamically and with the ability to adapt in the moment to whatever happens.
  • Presenting Practice: We help individuals and teams learn the tools and techniques they need AND give them a space to practice. .
  • Keynote or Speech Choreography: We help speakers add or adjust the physical performance of their speeches to clearly and dynamically communicate their message.


Prices range from $5,000 – $50,000

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