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Presenting and Speaking Performance

We work with leaders to transform content, voice, and body language into memorable virtual presentations. Even confident people at the top of their fields sometimes need support to translate their performance to meet business and performance goals.

Course and Webinar Transformation

We transform online educational, sales, and leadership events to meet business and learning goals. This can include creating new offerings or adapting existing content to drive engagement and create authentic connections with attendees.

Rourke Training provides presenting and public speaking services to entrepreneurs and business leaders that want to create inspiration and conversations in online events.

Does this sound like you?

1 Hour Consult

  • I need to create engaged audiences in my online event. 
  • I need to tune-up a speech.
  • I need to practice a speech and get constructive feedback.
  • I need to learn how to prep material for online presenting.

3-Session Target Solution

  • I need to restructure a class or webinar to fully engage my audience.
  • I need to refine or develop presenting and speaking skills 
  • I need to develop a new online presentation or training.

Extended Coaching

  • I need to be fully stage-ready for a high-profile presentation or speech
  • My training team needs to update their skills to meet new market demands for adaptive and flexible trainers.
  • I’m an expert in my field that needs to develop dynamic speaking skills.

What do people say?

I wanted to elevate my online presentation skills, and I knew that I needed to work with Kirsten because she is always full of amazing advice. I met with Kirsten for one hour, which transformed my online presentation skills. Yesterday I delivered an online workshop, and it went extremely well. I implemented so many of Kirsten's recommendations which made such a huge difference. I felt confident from the start of the workshop. I was able to build rapport with the participants from the minute they joined the call. I personalized the conversation, implemented QR codes, and even provided feedback links. I received feedback that was awesome! Thank you Kirsten for delivering what you promised. 🙂
Rosie Zilinskas
I had my first conversion event (online masterclass) and worked with Kirsten to prepare. I've never done a masterclass before so was not sure what to do. Kirsten taught me strategies to deliver my presentation with confidence, how to effectively interact with my audience like a pro to keep the presentation and conversation flowing.
She also helped me with preparing my deck; graphics, word count and length. My masterclass went off without a hitch because of Kirsten's coaching. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to nail their speaking engagement. She is someone you'll never forget!
Nicole Barnham
I had the wonderful opportunity to experience Kirsten during an event I attended. Her energy, charisma, and passion for online learning and how to be the best presenter you can be was electrifying. She had the audience mesmerized.
She works with leaders on effectively creating conversations and/or inspiration in online meetings and events. I could see leaders' eyes light up with their awareness "I can DO THIS!"
Hire her to speak at your event, train your leaders, or get coaching from her. She knows her stuff.
Pegine Echevarria
Kirsten has exceptional knowledge and skills on numerous Adobe products and eLearning design. I have attended Kirsten's online webinar's for Adobe and worked with her at the Adobe Learning Summit. Kirsten presentations are professional and interesting; she provides a plethora of information without overwhelming the audience. Kirsten provides feedback in a constructive and positive manner that promotes growth and motivation to learn. I recommend Kirsten for coaching, training, or presentations.
Anita Horsley
I studied under Kirsten as one of the co-trainer in the Adobe Captivate Certification live online course. Kirsten is an accomplished ID specialist and well-versed in the subject matter. What really stood out with Kirsten was the attention she paid to each and every student, ensuring comprehension and left no one behind in every unit. This is a rare gift in trainers. it goes without saying that the curriculum and delivery of her content was top notch. Kirsten is highly reccomended as an ID consultant, trainer, and public speaker.
Peter Shu
I have seen Kirsten present and teach several times and I can confirm that she is truly a star! Those of us who have attended her classes and presentations have had nothing but wonderful praise for her. She is smart and personable, and her teaching style reflects the respect she has for her audience. I would attend a class that she's teaching at any time!
Joe Ganci
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